Jérôme Malmström · Osteopath & Chiropractor 

Sports Injuries

Pregnant Women


Infants & Children


Jérôme Malmström Osteopath & Chiropractor

Graduated from the Institut Dauphine d'Ostéopathie in Paris 

Since 2012 J.Malmström has been the resident osteopath & chiropractor for the artists of the Moulin Rouge in Paris.

The clinic is located in the center of Paris near Trocadéro.


· Adults

Back pain, Sciatica, neck pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, foot & ankle pain, headaches



· Sports Injuries

Sciatica, hamstrings strain, Tennis & Golf Elbow pain, shin splints, groin pull, ACL tear or strain, hip strain

· Pregnant Women

Back pain, pelvic pain, sciatica, Peripartum health

· Infants & Children

Post-birth injury, digestive discomfort, acid reflux, misaligned spine

· Adults Consultation                                                80€

· Infants Consultation                                               70€

· Home Care Treatments                         Price on request

Health insurance will cover partially or fully the fees associated with osteopathic & chiropractic treatments

Ostéopathe Jérôme Malmstrom
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72 Bis Rue de la Tour, 75116 Paris



Office Hours     Monday - Saturday               8AM - 8PM                              Sunday                                    9AM - 6PM

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· Moulin Rouge

Resident Osteopath for the artists of the Moulin Rouge

· Sveriges Ambassad Paris

Svensktalande Osteopat / Naprapat i Paris i samarbete med Svenska Ambassaden i Paris.

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